A Look At A Bygone Era
A Photo Essay of People, Places, and Faces
Business Travel in the Late 1980s

Business Road Warriors, airports, airplanes, faces, and places of business travel in the late 1980sBusiness Road Warriors is a look at a bygone era.

It is easy to forget how different the business travel was in the late 1980s.

Face to face communication with customers and prospects was the primary means of communication.  The internet was in its infancy, email was only rarely used, social media was not yet invented and “text” was a noun, not a verb.

Airplanes were flown primarily by skilled pilots (not computers) and flight attendants were unashamedly hired for their looks and personality.

Travelers often shared information, sometimes very personal, with fellow passengers on a long, boring flight.

Airports, and the staff that made them work, were small cities open 24 hours per day.

Business Road Warriors is a photo essay of the people, places and faces of a bygone era.

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